Improving research and development of Burmas' inland and coastal fisheries

Project code
AUD 2,068,439
Research program manager
Prof Ann Fleming
Project leader
Gareth Johnstone - WorldFish Center
Commissioned organisation
WorldFish Center
SEP 2012
DEC 2016
Project status
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The project (MYFish) aimed to strengthen research and development capacity in Myanmar’s capture and culture fisheries to facilitate co-management and to develop small-scale aquaculture (SSA) in the Ayeyarwady Delta (AD) and Central Dry Zone (CDZ).

MYFish has been a timely project for the Department of Fisheries (DoF) coinciding with the political and rural reforms of the rural sector initiated in 2011 by the new civilian government.

The project has promoted new understandings of the fishery sector and DoF are increasingly applying research for development and management that is stimulating new policy directions in rural aquaculture and fisheries management.

MYFish has demonstrated increases in production by 40% and doubling of gross income through SSA and producer networks, and has improved R&D capabilities resulting in new knowledge and learning. The project has benefited from the close partnership developed between WorldFish and DoF and embedding the project within the institution of DoF. The partnership has engaged technical staff, researchers and policy makers in research and extended these interactions to NGOs, universities, private sector, fishers and producers.

Fisheries management
Key partners
Department of Fisheries
Food Security Working Group