Vietnamese molluscan biosecurity and veterinary diagnostic capacity review

Project code
AUD 95,000
Research program manager
Prof Ann Fleming
Project leader
Wayne O'Connor - Department of Primary Industries
Commissioned organisation
Department of Primary Industries, Australia
MAY 2012
OCT 2012
Project status
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While Asia accounts for most of the world's bivalve aquaculture production, Vietnam, despite its rich coastal resources, produced just 190,000 tonnes in 2005. There is substantial opportunity to improve the lives of smallholders through their involvement in a growing industry.

This project was part of a broader program helping to build high-value fishery product opportunities in Vietnam. It helped to ensure that the productivity growth and market-driven improvement in rural livelihoods arising from the development of bivalve hatchery production capacity in northern Vietnam (ACIAR FIS 2005/114) could be sustained.

Specifically, the project assessed molluscan biosecurity and veterinary capacity within Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Following a review of disease threats, diagnostic capacity and the regulatory and management frameworks, advice on measures to improve regional diagnostic capacity and biosecurity was provided.

Fisheries management
Key partners
Panaquatic Health Solutions
Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1