Improving community-based fisheries management in Pacific island countries

Project code
AUD 4,568,734
Research program manager
Prof Ann Fleming
Project leader
Neil Andrew - WorldFish Center
Commissioned organisation
WorldFish Center
JUN 2013
OCT 2017
Project status
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This project aimed to develop and nurture the structures, processes and capacity necessary to manage community-based fisheries in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Inshore fisheries and marine resources supply daily protein and are one of the few sources of cash for villagers and coastal people in Pacific Island Countries. These fisheries and resources face threats such as climate change, and their continued degradation will have severe consequences for food security and social stability.

This project helped governments to maintain the sustainability and security of their inshore fisheries and aquatic resources through improving local management and linkages between local and national scale governance. This project also proposed community-based fisheries management (CBFM) as the vehicle through which these goals could be attained.

Key partners
Fisheries Department
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
University of Technology Sydney
University of Wollongong