Evaluating processes and outcomes in south-south research collaboration – finfish mariculture development in Cambodia through cooperation with Indonesia

Fish in Cambodia
Project code
AUD 164,200
Research program manager
Prof Ann Fleming
Project leader
Professor Janelle Allison, University of Tasmania, Australia
Commissioned organisation
University of Tasmania
JUN 2018
DEC 2021
Project status
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This project aimed to facilitate research and capacity-building cooperation between Cambodia and Indonesia in marine finfish aquaculture

In line with the Cambodian Government's National Aquaculture Development Strategy, the project is focusing on developing a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable aquaculture sector contributing to food security and nutrition, socioeconomic development, GDP and export earnings. 

Specifically, the focus is placed on improving efficiency, profitability and sustainability of mariculture production through increased knowledge, skill and organisation.

The project also evaluated the processes of training and collaboration, as well as both the individual and workplace outcomes. In this regard, it has been recognised that enhanced professionalism and behaviours developed during the training are just as important (and often more so) than the technical learnings directly targeted by the research collaboration.

Project outcomes

  • Developing pedagogic structure for the delivery of skills training by Indonesian scientists in the context of mariculture development in Cambodia.
  • Evaluating the degree of research and technical skills development arising from focused work-place training within a south-south framework.
  • Evaluating processes which engender increased professionalism in participants involved in south-south collaboration.
Key partners
Fisheries Administration, Cambodia
Research Institute for Coastal Aquaculture, Maros, South Sulawesi