Assessment, management and marketing of goods and services from cutover native forests in Papua New Guinea

Project code
AUD 783,318
Project leader
Rod Keenan
Commissioned organisation
The University of Melbourne
MAY 2007
MAR 2011
Project status
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This project aimed to assess the future capacity of cutover forests to supply timber and environmental services and to investigate different production options for community forest owners, particularly those involving small-scale or portable sawmilling operations.

Results from the project were transferred to researchers and forest managers in government and NGOs through workshops and targeted training. With improved management there is significant potential for cutover forests to provide ongoing supplies of timber for local use and to provide other ecosystem benefits . Wider adoption of sustainable management can provide significant community and financial benefits to community forest owners.

Project outcomes

  • Classified secondary forests in terms of condition and capacity for future growth, and production of timber and other products.
  • Assessed market opportunities for different products and developed effective methods for linking local producers with purchasers of sustainably produced timber.
  • Analysed options for supply of different products and services in relation to community values or external markets.
  • Trained NGO staff in: Forest assessment and analysis of different forest management options. Relevant quality control approaches. Management of marketing linkages.
Map of Papua New Guinea
Key partners
Australian National University
Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute
Village Development Trust