Scoping for a forest biosecurity network in South East Asia

biosecurity forestry
Project code
AUD 211,217
Research program manager
Dr Nora Devoe
Project leader
Dr Madaline Healey, University of the Sunshine Coast
Commissioned organisation
University of the Sunshine Coast
FEB 2020
FEB 2021
Project status
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This project aimed to lay a foundation for a functional South-East Asia regional biosecurity network.

Countries in the South-East Asian region have experienced significant improvements in their levels of development, along with strong growth in their agriculture and fisheries sectors and the outlook for agriculture is broadly positive. 

This project also aimed  to assist in protecting these industries and related prior ACIAR investments by developing a strong regional network to foresee forest pest threats, develop management strategies and collaborate and share biosecurity knowledge, technologies and strategies.

This was the first step toward the development of a biosecurity network and underpinning research focused on forest biosecurity, ensuring collaborative surveillance, monitoring and information-sharing to enhance biosecurity preparedness across the region.

Expected project outcomes

  • Determining the current biosecurity capacity, knowledge and priorities for stakeholders in the South-East Asia region.
  • Reviewing the regulations laws, trade conventions and treaties for biosecurity in the South-East Asia region.
  • Understanding past and current investment in biosecurity within forestry, horticulture, livestock and agriculture in the SE Asia region (to be used as a baseline for monitoring and evaluation in phase two).
  • Initiating and growing a network delivering coordinated responses and enhanced capability in the region, including bridging the link between forest and agricultural biosecurity institutions.
Key partners
University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
Forest Research Institute Malaysia