Supporting agroforestry through tree improvement and gene conservation in Lao PDR

Teak in Laos
Project code
AUD 89,770
Research program manager
Dr Nora Devoe
Project leader
Associate Professor Mark Dieters
Commissioned organisation
The University of Queensland
MAY 2020
NOV 2021
Project status
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This project aimed to expand resources for the production of improved teak seed, and to set up trials to demonstrate the potential benefits from use of tissue culture to multiply elite genetic material.

The planting of forest trees by small holder farmers in Laos provides opportunities to secure long-term financial returns with relatively low inputs compared to other potential land uses. The Lao PDR government has set ambitious targets for the restoration of forest cover in Laos, with the objective of achieving 70% forest cover in 2020.

To achieve these targets, it will be necessary to encourage and support individuals, communities and corporations to plant trees and to assist in the protection and rehabilitation of degraded forest areas.

Following the success of previous ACIAR projects, this project seeks to continue the development of resources to enable and support the implementation of agroforestry and tree planting by small holders in northern Laos. 

Expected project outcomes

  • Providing improved planting materials of teak through through clonal propagation using tissue culture, and development of improved seed sources using grafted selected first and second generation plus trees.
  • Establishing and documenting provenance resource stands of Afzelia xylocarpa and Pterocarpus macrocarpus for the purpose of gene conservation.
  • Ensuring establishment of Acacia hybrid half Nelder wheel, collecting performance data and report.
  • Establishing trials of paper mulberry clones, document origin, and report.
Key partners
The University of Queensland