Digital AgTech in Indonesia's transforming smallholder agriculture sector: potentials and policy options

Project code
AUD 170,000
Project leader
Justin Ahmed, Beanstalk AgTech Pty Ltd
Commissioned organisation
Beanstalk AgTech Pty Ltd
DEC 2021
JUN 2022
Project status
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This project aimed to provide key Indonesian government agencies with a high-level (5-10 year) ‘roadmap’ of high-impact initiatives and policies they could implement to maximise impact of digital agtech in agricultural value chains, providing a clear view of what to do, who to target or engage, and how to do so with highest likelihood of success.

The agricultural research and innovation ecosystem in Indonesia is undergoing massive change, embodied by the newly-established National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and its consolidation of all key agricultural research agencies. Aligned to this restructure, Bappenas has committed significant investment to strengthen the agricultural innovation and delivery system to enable agricultural transformation. This analysis will help the Indonesian Government sharpen its focus on actions which will drive impactful deployment and advancement of digital agtech, with a mind to the challenges and opportunities specific to smallholder farms, agribusinesses, and entrepreneurs (among others) across the country.

Project outcomes

  • Assessing current and potential impact of digital agtech in smallholder farming and value chains in Indonesia.
  • Identifying actions that Indonesian government agencies could take over the next 5-10 years to unlock and maximise its potential.
  • Building capacity to set a clear and impact-oriented vision for support to the digital agtech ecosystem, within the context of greater investment in the research and innovation system at large.
  • Enabling greater connectivity and collaboration from disparate corners of the agricultural innovation ecosystem in Indonesia.
  • Re-centering of public discourse on digital agtech - away from ‘shiny tech’ to ‘transformative solutions’.
  • Strengthening working relationship between ACIAR and ICASEPS / Bappenas / Indonesian government agencies.
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Key partners
National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)
Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of Indonesia