Monitoring Agricultural Research Investments, capacity and impact in South East Asia and the Pacific

Papua New Guinea
Project code
AUD 857,500
Project leader
Gert-Jan Stads
Commissioned organisation
International Food Policy Research Institute, USA
NOV 2017
SEP 2020
Project status
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This project aimed to reduce the knowledge and information gap on the inputs, performance, and outcomes of agricultural research systems in Southeast Asia

Economic growth originating from agriculture has shown to be two to four times more effective at reducing poverty than growth originating from other sectors. Despite this fact, in the countries where hunger and poverty are most widespread today, investment in agriculture has stagnated or declined.

Quantitative data are essential to improving the understanding on the crucial role of agricultural research in enhancing agricultural productivity.

Policymakers, research managers, donor organizations, and other stakeholders need reliable and up-to-date quantitative data to analyze research investment and capacity trends, identify key gaps and neglected areas, set future investment priorities, promote efficient resource use, and ensure effective coordination and coherence of agricultural research initiatives.

For this reason, the project was structured around three main objectives; data collection and reporting, analysis and evaluation of impact, and capacity engagement and outreach.

Project outcomes

  • Updating and expanding the agricultural science and technology indicators database with comparable and detailed institutional, financial, human resource, and research output information, from a complete set of agricultural research agencies operating in the region; and to facilitate stakeholder’s access to these up-to-date data through a variety of online tools and publications.
  • Examining the performance, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges of agricultural research and development in the region and evaluate the impact of past and future R&D investment levels, resource allocation, and priorities on the performance of research systems and on the agricultural sector more generally.
  • Strengthening human capacity and institutionalise data collection and analysis at the national level to ensure continuity on the long run.
Key partners
Asia Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions
International Food Policy Research Institute
National agricultural research institutes, Papua New Guinea