Scoping Vietnam’s citrus industry priorities to inform the development of a research roadmap

A lush green bush with many orange fruits in the foreground and a man wearing a cap and a long-sleeved shirt stands in the background looking at the fruit.
Project code
AUD 299,999
Research program manager
Ms Irene Kernot
Project leader
Dr Nguyen Van Liem
Commissioned organisation
Plant Protection Research Institute
FEB 2024
JUL 2025
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to create a research roadmap to enhance economic benefits for smallholder citrus growers in Vietnam, striving for a practical, affordable, productive, and profitable production system.

Viet Nam has a goal to increase its total citrus industry production to 14 million tonnes by 2025 and 16 million tonnes by 2030 in a way that effectively engages smallholders as key contributors. Vietnamese scientists are facing challenges in conducting comprehensive, multidisciplinary research and developing effective outreach strategies to promote the adoption of newly developed practices and technologies.

Meanwhile, in Australia, citrus stands as the largest fresh fruit export, valued at approximately A$400 million annually. Oranges and mandarins comprise the majority of Australia's citrus crops, benefiting from extensive research conducted by state and national organizations over the past six decades, leading to increased yields and improved quality.

Australia's export markets, notably China, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, are progressively diverse. This small research activity presents an opportunity for Vietnamese and Australian citrus researchers to collaborate, sharing knowledge and expertise to jointly develop a research roadmap for the sustainable development of Vietnam's citrus industry, aligning with the abovementioned goals.

Project activities and expected outcomes

  • Reporting on the declining status of citrus production in Vietnam, including proposed target crops and research regions and digital maps of citrus production regions in the country.
  • Reporting on the researchable causes of citrus production decline in the target regions, proposing future research needs.
  • Reporting on the existing rehabilitation measures and experience in Vietnam and other countries, including their suitability to the specific context in each target region.
  • Delivering a preliminary report on the domestic and export market opportunities for citrus products in Vietnam.
Map of Vietnam
Key partners
Plant Protection Research Institute