Livestock Systems

Improving farmer livelihoods by developing market-oriented small ruminant production systems in Myanmar

Goat farmers in Myanmar
Project code
AUD 880,026
Research program manager
Dr Anna Okello
Project leader
Angus Campbell, University of Melbourne, Australia
Commissioned organisation
The University of Melbourne
MAR 2019
DEC 2021
Project status
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This project aims to improve the livelihood of farmers in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar who keep goats and sheep, by increasing the productivity and profitability of their herds and flocks. 

The Central Dry Zone is home to 14.5 million people and is vital to the nation’s production of livestock and dryland crops. Most rural people in the area are smallholder and landless farmers who largely depend on agriculture, cropping and/or livestock, for their livelihoods.

The project sought to improve smallholders’ understanding of key performance drivers of small ruminant production and their ability to control them, through participatory evaluation of specific animal nutrition, production and health interventions on smallholder farms, plus new production systems, and demonstrating and extending these interventions to smallholders.

Expected project outcomes

  • Analysing current and emerging small ruminant value chains in Myanmar and improving capacity of farmers to target specific markets.
  • Promoting better nutritional management of small ruminants through improved feeds and feeding systems.
  • Improving fertility and reproductive efficiency in small ruminant flocks through better breeding management.
  • Improving small ruminant health and reducing disease risks to increase productivity and contribute to national disease control efforts.
  • Better understanding the roles of men, women and youth in small ruminant farming in order to optimise whole of family benefits from the enterprise and increase household resilience to external farming threats.
Key partners
Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, Myanmar
University of Veterinary Science, Myanmar
Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar