Livestock Systems

Novel approaches for increasing participation in the honeybee industries of the Pacific

Project code
AUD 150,000
Research program manager
Dr Anna Okello
Project leader
David Lloyd - Southern Cross University
Commissioned organisation
Southern Cross University
JAN 2018
JUN 2019
Project status
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Recent studies (C2013/188) highlight both the current decline and unrealised potential of beekeeping in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji and Solomon Islands.

Beekeeping in these countries is facing major challenges with declining productivity and participation. Activities undertaken as part of this SRA sought to strengthen existing partnerships, investigate the potential for improving women’s participation in beekeeping enterprises, establish new methods for smallholders to manage mites in PNG and to conduct workshops and stakeholder meetings to inform the development of the full proposal to ACIAR.


The agreed outputs of this SRA include:

  1. Report of meetings and travel including: an assessment of potential partners and their contribution to the project; an evaluation of the potential approaches to increase women’s engagement in the honey bee industry; and, an update on the status of the bee industries in each country;
  2. A full funding proposal for a larger project completed (ACIAR Project LS/2014/042);
  3. Report describing pilot best-practice approach for the prevention and control of parasitic mites in PNG, Fiji and Solomon Islands; and
  4. A final report of all activities, outputs and outcomes up to the full project inception, including workshop with key stakeholders.
Key partners
CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship