Livestock Systems

Livestock Climate Lens Part 1: Data Landscape Analysis

Myanmar cattle
Project code
AUD 100,000
Research program manager
Dr Anna Okello
Project leader
Dr (Paul) Long Cheng
Commissioned organisation
The University of Melbourne
FEB 2021
APR 2022
Project status
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This project aimed to better understand the existing data in ACIAR and MFAT livestock projects/programs, and the attitudes and interest of project partners to participate in livestock MRV activities into the future.

This research activity also provided an opportunity to sensitise both Australian and in-country partners to the broader objectives of the Australia-NZ livestock mitigation co-investment, and an opportunity to input into the direction of this work longer term. It was anticipated that this initial stage of work would provide the foundation upon which the longer-term project (LS/2019/159) would be driven from.

Project outcomes

  • Assessed which data exist for calculation of GHG emissions for selected ACIAR-MFAT smallholder livestock projects and identified a sub-set of projects that could be taken forward in a subsequent larger project.
  • Consulted with ACIAR and NZ researchers, and their in-country livestock project teams, to better understand the opportunities and challenges for incorporating livestock MRV data collection and/or analysis in ACIAR/MFAT livestock development projects longer term.
  • Consulted with the project teams, supported by linkages with the GRA-LRG and other ACIAR-NZ co-funded projects (e.g. WAC/2019/150), to gain a better understanding of the interests, needs, motivations and potential recipients for future capacity building and training activities in livestock GHG accounting.
Key partners
The University of Melbourne