Livestock Systems

Global Animal Health Governance: High-level Consortium

A man tending to livestock in a farm enclosure
Project code
AUD 249,998
Research program manager
Dr Anna Okello
Project leader
Dr Kevin Bardosh
Commissioned organisation
Kevin Bardosh LLC
APR 2022
DEC 2023
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to address recommendations from a rapid scoping review on animal health governance and social science.

Conducted by Dr Kevin Bardosh, the review explored the key thematic areas of animal health governance, regulation, the veterinary workforce, ethics and welfare, surveillance, innovation, biosecurity, trans-boundary trade, and service delivery. The review found that much of the existing research was outdated and that significant gaps existed in knowledge and engagement, especially when compared to the human health sector. The report provided a series of recommendations for how to strengthen applied policy, systems, and governance research to support the animal health sector in low and middle-income countries.

Project outcomes

  1. Establishing and convening a network of social and political scientists working on animal health governance.
  2. Conducting a systematic review of the social and political science literature in the global animal health field.
  3. Conducting a global stakeholder analysis of the key actors, networks and trends involved in the global animal health sector.
  4. Conducting a series of novel case studies and thematic research activities to advance our conceptual and methodological knowledge, including on trust, global security, unintended consequences, infodemiology and decision science risk assessment, and futures thinking.
Key partners
Griffith University
Institute of Development Studies
King's College London
Praxis labs
Tasker & Najman Ltd
University of Edinburgh
University of Nairobi