Soil and Land Management

Mainstreaming research in Myanmar’s Agricultural and Veterinary Universities

Myanmar University
Project code
AUD 411,790
Research program manager
Dr James Quilty
Project leader
Prof Kaye Basford
Commissioned organisation
The University of Queensland
JAN 2019
JUL 2021
Project status
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This project aimed to develop research as a core activity of Yezin Agricultural University and University of Veterinary Science, enabling these universities to meet Myanmar’s needs for agricultural and veterinary researchers, and to exploit the broader educational advantages of a research informed curriculum.

An opportunity has been identified to develop educational approaches capable of delivering problem solving skills at an undergraduate level, that are effective in the social, cultural and organizational setting of Myanmar. 

Implementation of appropriate educational strategies will permit the two selected universities to build contemporary teaching and research services for students, industry, communities, and government. By supporting governance reform, while at the same time increasing research outputs, improving research training, and fostering the adoption of research-led curricula for agricultural and veterinary education in Myanmar.

The research effort will be the basis for longer-term development of research programs that are relevant to stakeholders and that will improve the capacity of the two universities to deliver improved farming practices that can be readily adopted by farmers.

Project outcomes

  • Evaluating institutional governance options to identify those quality structures and processes best suited for Yezin Agricultural University and University of Veterinary Science to increase the efficiency, robustness and transparency of the university operations.
  • Evaluating teaching frameworks to identify those which best support staff to improve the teaching and learning environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and are acceptable in the social and cultural context of Myanmar and assist with the implementation of these frameworks.
  • Developing strategies to build a contemporary undergraduate curriculum and thereby foster the attitudes and capabilities of a research-oriented university.
  • Providing staff with experience in the process of identifying problems capable of research, refining testable research hypotheses, designing and implementing research projects, and evaluating research designs and outcomes.
Key partners
The University of Queensland
University of Melbourne, Australia
University of Veterinary Science, Myanmar
Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar