Soil and Land Management

An assessment of data management and FAIR data principles across the ACIAR research portfolio

Project code
AUD 250,000
Research program manager
Dr James Quilty
Project leader
Martin Parr
DEC 2021
JUN 2022
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to support ACIAR to consider the barriers to data utility in its investment portfolio and look for opportunities to address them, including specific ways to improve its grantmaking processes.

CABI will engage with ACIAR Research Program Managers and its partners during 2022 to better understand and document data management and sharing challenges across a range of geographies and domains. Activities will include a range of desk studies and analyses, interviews, surveys, partner engagement events and facilitated workshop.

Project outcomes

  • Documenting clear project expectations to ensure understanding between the project and the ACIAR teams. 
  • Finalising investment selection criteria to determine which investments to analyse.
  • Producing an agreed project plan with amendments as applicable. 
  • Delivering a risk register showing the key risk, the area to which a risk applies, details and implications, score based on impact and likelihood, risk management strategy, and responsible individual. 
  • Providing an evidence-based assessment of the state of FAIR implementation across ACIAR investments.
  • Identifying common, and nuanced regional technical, cultural, and institutional barriers, and the necessary infrastructure, training, and documented capacity development needs.
  • Understanding of the purpose, actionability and sustainability of a regional roadmap. 
  • Synthesizing findings of regional assessment and feedback to ACIAR team. 
  • Producing Needs Assessment and End project reports.
  • Articulating vision and recommendations for next steps on how to overcome barriers within the scope of ACIAR grantmaking practices.