Soil and Land Management

Assessment of the adoption and adaptation of conservation agriculture and direct seeded rice in South and South-East Asia

Project code
AUD 357,424
Research program manager
Dr Steven Crimp
Project leader
Dr Davina Boyd
Commissioned organisation
Murdoch University
DEC 2022
DEC 2024
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to review the adoption, adaptation and scaling of Conservation Agriculture and Direct Seeded Rice and non-puddled transplanting rice in major rice growing regions of the Eastern Gangetic Plains (EGP) and draw from lesson on these processes in South-East Asia (SEA).

Expected project outcomes

  • Identifying and engage with the key stakeholders promoting and supporting the dissemination of both Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) and non-puddled transplanting rice (NPTR) in different countries and determine the range of associated technologies being promoted and delivered to farmers.
  • Understanding the motivation of stakeholders' efforts to scale the technologies including where and why adoption of CA and DSR/NPTR has occurred.
  • Understanding what is motivating and enabling farmers to adopt and adapt the associated CA and DSR/NPTR practices and technologies, and the barriers impeding other farmers from adoption.
  • Exploring potential issues associated with the adoption and adaptation of CA and DSR/NPTR with a particular emphasis on current best practice regarding alternative rice establishment methods.
  • Providing information on biophysical changes being observed by farmers, researchers, extension agents and other stakeholders in rice-based farming systems where CA and DSR/NPTR are being promoted, adopted and adapted.
  • Making recommendations to ACIAR on where future research related to CA and DSR/NPTR should focus including potential opportunities for South-South partnerships, information sharing and learning that could be supported in future research projects.
Map of South- and South-East Asia Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam
Key partners
Murdoch University