Project final report

Profitable feeding strategies for smallholder cattle in Indonesia - Final Report

Date released
27 September 2022
Publication Code

Karen Harper, Dennis Poppi, Cuk Tri Noviandi, Ali Agus, Gunawan, Simon Quigley, Kieren McCosker, Kusmartono, Marsetyo, Moh. Takdir, Dahlan Dahlanuddin, Tanda Panjaitan, Kasmiyati, Achmad Subagio


This project aimed to improve the profitability of beef cattle production of small-scale beef producers in Indonesia through the development of simple cost-effective feed rations. 

Profitable beef production is a pathway out of poverty for smallholder cattle farmers. Current traditional systems of production are often not profitable and growth rates of bulls under these village production systems are low with low income over food costs (IOFC). Cattle growth rates can be increased and a system for formulating rations to supply a certain amount of nutrients or target a specific growth rate on a least-cost basis would increase IOFC.

The ACIAR LCR system is simple and can be used by extension staff, farm co-operatives and small-scale feed manufacturers and agri-business to formulate high quality rations for farmers based on meeting minimal nutritional values at lowest cost. Better formulation will enable higher growth rates and higher IOFC to be achieved which has the dual outcome of enabling farmers to increase their income and participate in the value chain but also nationally enable an increase in beef production which will go some way to meeting increasing domestic demand for beef.

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