Smallholder coffee production in Papua New Guinea

Date released
01 November 2023
Publication Code

George Curry, Geraldine Tilden and Leo Aroga


The Smallholder Coffee Production in Papua New Guinea Training Package has been designed to assist extension officers in delivering training for farmer groups in the production, processing and marketing of coffee, and to allow the training of new extension officers to extend the reach of the farmer training program. The training package consists of 4 modules for extension officer capacity building and 17 modules covering the coffee production by smallholders. 


This module introduces the training package and describes the research that lead to its development.

Extension Officer Guide Unit 1, Module 1: Introduction to the coffee extension office and farmer training guides

This module outlines the structure of the training package and the training approach.

Extension Officer Guide Unit 1, Module 2: The extension officer - roles & effectiveness

This module outlines the skills and qualities needed for a good extension officer.

Extension Officer Guide Unit 2, Module 1: Getting to know our coffee smallholders

This module introduces the smallholder system of coffee production.

Farmer Training Guide Unit 1, Module 1: Knowing your coffee tree

This module teaches farmers about the coffee tree and the development cycle of the coffee berry.

Farmer Training Guide Unit 1, Module 3: Establishing a new coffee garden

This module shows farmers how to set up and care for their coffee garden.

Farmer Training Guide Unit 2, Module 6: Coffee berry borer management

This module teaches farmers how to identify and effectively control the coffee berry borer pest.