Project final report

A framework for assessing agricultural extension approaches and an analysis of transferrable public health approaches - Final Report

Date released
20 December 2022
Publication Code

Dr Kevin Bardosh, Dr Mary Johnson, and Mr Lachlan Colgrave


Agricultural research for development (AR4D) is concerned with advancing science, technology and practice change in agricultural extension systems.

This report contributes to the debate about transforming agricultural extension services by presenting a topographic framework for how we can conceptualise the key elements of a practice change approach. In this report we present an integrated project-centric framework for applied practice change research to assist with the selection and design of AR4D projects. The framework was developed through an evidence review of published literature from 10 case studies in agriculture (rice/cassava, mud crabs, fisheries, acacia and foot-and-mouth disease) and public health (HIV/AIDS, tobacco control, liver flukes, non-communicable diseases and avian influenza) from the Mekong region and refined through a review of ACIAR project reports and expert consultations.

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