Outcome Evaluation

An evaluation of the ACIAR Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development Program

Date released
03 February 2023
Publication Code

Clare Hanley and Luke Passfield


From 2015 to 2021, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) oversaw the Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development Program (TADEP), a multidisciplinary research program that aimed to improve the livelihoods of rural men and women in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The program involved 5 component research-for-development projects: PNG cocoa, Bougainville cocoa, Sweetpotato, Galip nut and Family Farm Teams.

This Outcome Evaluation summarises the outcomes of TADEP and identifies lessons that can inform the design and implementation of future ACIAR programs. The evaluation is divided into 7 parts: Part 1 outlines the lessons learned from the TADEP programmatic approach. Parts 2–6 are evaluations
of 4 commodity-based projects and the Family Farm Teams project within the program.