Technical report

Vulnerability in the Anthropocene: a prospective analysis of the need for social protection

Date released
07 December 2023
Publication Code

Paulo Santos
Reiss McLeod
Stefan Meyer
Hai-Chau Le
Mukhammad Fajar Rakhmadi


This technical report is the last of 4 ‘deeper dive’ assessments of research-for-development issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conclusion of a three-stage assessment process that began with ACIAR Technical Report 95 Food systems security, resilience and emerging risks in the Indo-Pacific in the context of COVID-19: a rapid assessment and continued with ACIAR Technical Report 96 COVID-19 and food systems in the Indo-Pacific: An assessment of vulnerabilities, impacts and opportunities for action.

It underscores the significance of natural capital and prevailing climate as predictors of vulnerability to shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent poverty in rural Southeast Asia. It also offers recommendations to ACIAR for further research and suggests avenues for governments and policymakers to enhance household resilience to future shocks.