Adoption studies

Adoption of ACIAR project outputs 2020

Date released
19 November 2021
Publication Code

David Pearce and Bethany Davies (eds)


This report is the 15th and final report of our Adoption Studies series. It documents the adoption results for 4 ACIAR-supported projects completed in 2014–15. The studies involved 4 partner countries – Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and India – and focused on projects addressing timber furniture production, climate adaptation strategies and animal production systems (cattle and pigs).

New technologies or practical approaches were the major outputs of all of the projects studied, ranging from the very practical establishment of a furniture association to better cattle management and the establishment of a more productive, lower risk value chain for pork sales.

Two projects produced new scientific knowledge in the form of datasets and articles in scientific journals for climate adaptation strategies and better understanding of risk factors for pig-related health.

Three projects developed knowledge or models of value to policymakers, such as the development of a furniture industry strategy (which was subsequently embedded in district regulation) and the provision of technical reports to assist in climate adaptation strategies.

The Adoption Studies series will be replaced by the Outcome Evaluations series in 2022.