Project final report

Agricultural Policy Research to Support Natural Resource Management in Indonesia’s Upland Landscapes - Final Report

Date released
05 July 2023
Publication Code

Prepared by Oscar Cacho, Jonathan Moss, Erwidodo, Tahlim Sudaryanto, Beria
Leimona, Betha Lusiana, Henri Perkasa, Tomas Barano and Randy Stringer

Co-authors Sacha Amaruzaman, Douglas Bardsley, Jeff Bennett, Nur Fitriani, Daniel Gregg, Sri Hery, Daniel Hill, Isnurdiansyah, Sumaryanto, Herlina Tarigan, Diah Wulandari


This project aimed to provide advice to national and sub-national governments, village leaders, and farmer groups on how policy interventions impact agricultural productivity, environmental outcomes, and farm household welfare in Indonesia.

It was the Indonesian government’s concern that existing land use policies and regulations contribute to soil erosion, soil nutrient loss, productivity declines, flooding, landslides, river and reservoir sedimentation and biodiversity loss that motivated this project. This research looked at a second, equally important, issue related to evidence suggesting that valuable agricultural extension and advisory services aimed at improving sustainable land use practices are adopted for only a few cropping seasons, before being abandoned by farm households.

In response to these concerns, this project improved the understanding of the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of existing national and local policies in 3 upland catchments in Indonesia and assessed the impacts and trade-offs associated with alternative policies.

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