Project final report

Understanding the drivers of successful and inclusive rural regional transformation: Sharing experiences and policy advice in Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Pakistan - Final Report

Date released
18 April 2024
Publication Code

Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Tahlim Sudaryanto, Jikun Huang, Abedullah Anjum, Nunung Nuryartono, Fay Rola-Rubzen, Farah Naz, Ismat Ara Begum, Rezaul Karim Talukder, Al Amin Al Abbasi, Subrata Saha and Imran Omar, Erwidodo, Helena J Purba, Saktyanu K Dermoredjo, Rika Reviza Rachmawati, Aldho Riski Irawan, Yu Sheng, Jinxia Wang, Kaixing Huang, Qiwang Huang, Pengfei Shi  


The project focused on understanding the complex dynamics of rural transformation in Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, and Pakistan, addressing the problem of transitioning from low-value to high-value agriculture and the shift of labor from farming to non-farm employment.

It was driven by a need to grasp the underlying factors and effects of these changes on various aspects of rural life and the economy. Key activities included the development of a stages analysis framework to categorise rural transformation, extensive research resulting in 80 publications, organisation of thematic sessions and conferences for dissemination and stakeholder engagement, and a capacity-building program for partner countries.

This comprehensive approach facilitated an in-depth analysis of rural transformation across different regions and contributed to a global understanding of the phenomenon. The research findings highlighted significant variations in the transformation process among the countries studied, revealing diverse impacts on income, poverty, inequality, gender issues, food security, and environmental sustainability. It underscored the importance of effective institutional reforms, policy frameworks, and targeted investments for fostering successful and inclusive rural transformation.

Building on these insights, the project proposed follow-on research and activities to refine the framework for analysing rural transformation stages and deepen the understanding of its drivers and consequences. Additionally, it emphasised the need for continued engagement with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure the findings contribute to shaping effective rural development strategies. Drawing lessons from Australia's agricultural reforms and water management practices offered further guidance for enhancing farm productivity and sustainability in the participating countries.

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