Project final report

Landscape and Opportunity Analysis in the Pacific Tuna sector - Final Report

Date released
19 July 2023
Publication Code

Deborah Doan, Sue Poole, Allen Haroutonian, Angus McDonald, Simon Cole, Lily Wheatley, Timothy Numilengi, Francisco Blaha, Hugh Walton, Marita Manley, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Raul Sarrot


This project aimed to improve value retention from Pacific tuna resources by being pragmatic and innovative in product/service delivery.

Innovation requires creativity and strategic thinking, with timing crucial. This report identifies opportunities in the Pacific tuna sector, focusing on short-term benefits and future foundational factors.

The project highlights the need for vertical integration, diversified operations, and scaled operations in the Pacific tuna sector to remain competitive in the high-cost environment, and suggests early-stage innovations may deliver benefits over the medium to long term.

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