Project final report

Improving food security in the northern uplands of Lao PDR: identifying drivers and overcoming barriers - Final Report

Date released
28 July 2022
Publication Code

Paulo Santos and Stefan Meyer


This project aimed to identify the drivers of food insecurity in the Northern Uplands of Laos and providing evidence that can guide the scaling-up of interventions aimed at improving the food security status of vulnerable households in the region. 

Project outcomes

  • Improved research skills in partner organisations through on-the-job training of researchers.
  • Greater capacity in: soil mapping; ethnographic research; analysis of value chains and market structure; design of research (including design of survey instruments and protocols); impact evaluation; and analysis and communication of research results.
  • Greater understanding of the relation between the management of natural resources and food insecurity through the quantification of the importance of environmental conditions (soil capability, rainfall) on food availability at local level. 

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