Area-wide management of fruit fly

Date released
28 May 2024
Publication Code

Stefano De Faveri, S Vijaysegaran and Jodie Cheesman


Fruit flies are one of the most serious horticultural pests globally, causing catastrophic damage to fruit and vegetable crops. Significant economic losses negatively affect the livelihoods of millions of large and small-scale farmers. Finding effective and sustainable ways to manage fruit fly infestation is a priority for many countries, and area-wide management is one of the most promising strategies.

Drawing on knowledge and experience gained from 3 major ACIAR-funded projects in Indonesia and the Philippines projects, this manual is a comprehensive and practical guide for the implementation of an area-wide management system (AWM system) to manage methyl eugenol-attracted flies in mango crops. 

The manual presents key concepts, principles, steps and techniques, and it will help growers, extension officers, researchers and communities in tropical and subtropical regions to manage fruit fly infestation.