Australian Prawn Farming Manual

Date released
30 October 2006
Publication Code

Coordinating Editor Chris Robertson


The Manual is an easy to read guide for running a low disease risk prawn farm in Australia. Using the combined knowledge of Australia's leading scientists, prawn farmers, extensionists and prawn health specialists, this manual captures what is known about the diseases that threaten the Australian prawn farming industry and how the of disease outbreak can be minimised. Funded by ACIAR and developed in collaboration with the Australian Prawn Farmers' Association, the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, the manual draws on five years of research conducted across the Australiasia region. The contents reflect the knowledge of a wide array of internationally recognised researchers and the wisdom and research gained through the efforts of the Australian prawn farming industry.

For enquiries relating to the manual please call Chris Robertson at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Northern Fisheries Centre, Cairns on (+61) 07 4035 0105.