Bibliography of trees, shrubs and grasses for saltlands

Date released
02 January 1999
Publication Code

N E Marcar, S Ismail, A K M A Hossain & R Ahmad (eds)


This publication is a revised and expanded version of the book 'A bibliography of forage halophytes and trees for salt-affected lands' which was produced in 1990 by Shoaib Ismail and Rafiq Ahmad (Botany Department, University of Karachi, Pakistan) and Clive Malcolm (Agriculture Western Australia). The authors of this book have created abstracts from a broad selection of the literature (conference and workshop papers, books and other documents) and international data bases such as those of CAB International and TREECD. A wide range of information with respect to forest trees, shrubs and grasses (and to a limited extent, legumes) has been included in this publication.