Enabling policies for developing smallholder agriculture in Pakistan

Date released
12 December 2019
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Muhammad Azeem Khan, Aamer Irshad, Hidayatullah Chhajro, Nazeer Kalhoro, Muhammad Irfan Khalid, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Kashif Rashid, Abdul Qadir Tareen, Ahmed Ali Zafar, Bhajan Grewal, Jim Lang and Peter Sheehan


The issues canvassed in the monograph, Enabling policies for developing smallholder agriculture in Pakistan, are widespread throughout the developing world. The challenges facing Pakistan are replicated in many countries, so the findings of this report should resonate beyond Pakistan. The monograph highlights major initiatives in many areas to transform smallholder agriculture in Pakistan. These include:

  • improved access to markets and increased reliance on market processes
  • greater innovation on the ground through demand-based extension services and R&D
  • better access to formal credit for smallholder farmers
  • stronger development of rural producer organisations
  • empowerment of women.