The food and environment tightrope

Date released
09 January 1999
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H Cadman (ed.)



This is a record of a seminar conducted by the Crawford Fund for International Agricultural research, Parliament House, Canberra, 24 November 1999. It is largely because of scientific advances that agricultural yield and population growth have matched each other. The bad news is that 840 million people are still undernourished, and are likely to continue to be chronically short of food unless scientific research is intensified, and political and civil will to help humanity are further stimulated. Papers presented covered a number of topics: Walking the Tightrope, Forests: Maintaining the Balance, Trees on farms: Improving Land, Improving Livelihoods, Planted Forests for Food, Fibre, Fuel and Fulfilment, Save Our Soils, Water Shortages in the 21st Century, Salt of the Earth: Time to Take it Seriously and a paper by Lloyd Evans summing up titled The Food and Environment Tightrope-Will We Fall Off the Tightrope. AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY.