G’day, Mate: ACIAR Filipino Alumni Stories

Date released
30 October 2019


ACIAR has two flagship capacity-building programs. The John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) has brought aspiring Filipino scientists to learn, collaborate and be trained in Australian institutions, exposing the JAF fellows to a broad range of scientific learning and problem-solving approaches. Bringing these learnings back to the country, Filipino JAF fellows can then develop science-based solutions in a grassroots approach.

The John Dillon Fellowship (JDF) has sent Filipino agricultural professionals to Australia for four weeks of intensive training, exposing JDF fellows to industry and government institution systems and processes to better learn how to communicate, manage and lead.

During the 35 years of partnership with the Philippine Government, ACIAR has produced more than 67 JAF and JDF fellows who now take an active part in solving pressing and multifaceted issues in agriculture, food security, market access, value chains, natural resources management and climate change.

This storybook, G’day, Mate: ACIAR Filipino Alumni Stories, showcases our JAF and JDF alumni who have lit the torch of scientific excellence in agricultural research and become a beacon to inspire more Filipinos to take on the challenge and responsibility of contributing to inclusive and sustainable development.