A guide to upland cropping in Cambodia: soybean

Date released
08 November 2011
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Stephanie Belfield, Christine Brown and Robert Martin


In response to the Royal Cambodian Government’s National Poverty Reduction Strategy (2003–2005), ACIAR funded research to develop sustainable farming systems for crops, with a focus on maize, soybean, sesame, mungbean, peanut and cowpea in upland areas of Kampong Cham and Battambang provinces. The aim was to help reduce poverty and contribute to food security at household and national levels through the development of technologies and opportunities for the production of non-rice upland crops. The research process involved discussion with farmers, validation of local knowledge, documentation of case studies and identifying priorities for field experimentation. This book is part of a series of publications produced by ACIAR in support of the on-going rollout of on-farm demonstrations for upland crops in Cambodia.