Mungbean production guide for Cambodian conditions

Date released
11 March 2021
Publication Code

R. Martin, S. Montgomery, S. Yous, R. Rien


Mungbean presents smallholder farmers in Cambodia with an opportunity to diversify crop production in traditional rice production systems. The crop has a number of agronomic benefits and meets growing global demand for beans for sprouting, cooking and processing. This guide is based on knowledge and outputs of ACIAR-supported mungbean research carried out in Cambodia over 18 years.

This publication supersedes Mungbean production guide for Cambodian conditions (ACIAR Monograph No. 162), published in 2016. Significant progress has been made in satisfying growers’ criteria for a mungbean variety with combined attributes of large shiny seeds and resistance to pod shattering. The integrated pest management schedule for managing mungbean insect pests has been fine-tuned to include biological insecticides and sticky traps, making it possible to eliminate the use of synthetic insecticides in mungbean.

This book is part of a series of publications produced by ACIAR that support the ongoing roll-out of more productive, economic and environmentally sustainable and diversified cropping systems in Cambodia.