Nursery management of grouper: a best-practice manual

Date released
31 July 2012
Publication Code

Suko Ismi, Tatam Sutarmat, N.A. Giri, Michael A. Rimmer, Richard M.J. Knuckey, Anjanette C. Berding and Ketut Sugama


This manual provides practical guidelines for those engaged in the nursery culture of groupers in Indonesia as well as elsewhere in the tropics. The nursery phase is an intermediate step between hatchery production of seed (ACIAR Monograph No. 149) and stocking of grow-out farms. It involves growing delicate juvenile fish of 2–3 cm long through to physically robust animals of 5–10 cm long. The manual provides information on husbandry of groupers in the nursery phase, to reduce losses due to disease and cannibalism, and thus to increase the profitability of grouper nursing.