Nutrient disorders in plantation eucalypts

Date released
31 December 2000
Publication Code

B. Dell, N. Malajczuk, D. Xu & T.S. Grove


This is a revised edition of MN031. The purpose of this manual is to illustrate the symptoms associated with essential nutrient deficiencies of thos species of eucalypts which are now widely established in plantations. The manual focuses on three tropical/subtropical species (Eucalyptus grandis, E. pellita and E. urophylla) and one temperate species (E. globulus). Other plantation species are included where illustrations were available. Techniques for identifying nutritional disorders are explained and deficiency symptoms are described in detail for twelve elements. These symptoms can be used to help determine deficiencies in nurseries or young plantations. However, symptoms are a guide to nutrient deficiencies and should be used with other diagnostic tools. For this reason leaf analysis standards are included.