Vietnam food security policy review

Date released
28 February 2017
Publication Code

Petersen E. (ed.) Uong Dinh Hoang Elizabeth Petersen Vu Hoang Yen David Vanzetti Tran Cong Thang Vu Huy Phuc Pham Lan Huong Nguyen Ngoc Que Ray Trewin



This monograph is a collection of papers by an ACIAR research team spanning
government and academia in Vietnam and Australia. It provides valuable insights into
Vietnam’s agricultural development through time, the policy development process,
current food security policies, and capacity for evidence-based food security analysis.
Current food security policies are evaluated against a set of food security policy issues,
and recommendations for food security policy reform are presented. Methods for
food security policy analysis are reviewed and a second set of recommendations is
suggested regarding developing modelling capacity in Vietnam for evidence-based
policy analysis.

Food systems