White Gold: The Commercialisation of Rice Farming in the Lower Mekong Basin

Date released
06 January 2020

Rob Cramb (Editor)


In the past four decades, rice has become a commercial crop of great importance to Lower Mekong farmers, augmenting but not replacing its role in securing their subsistence. Particularly in Northeast Thailand and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, rice farming has become a major export industry, spurring a process of rural development that has helped lift many households out of poverty. Farmers in Cambodia and Laos have also increased their output to such a level that both countries have become self-sufficient in rice and are entering into export markets, particularly through cross-border trade with Vietnam and Thailand.

This book is the outcome of a collaborative research effort to understand the current status of the process of commercialisation in the rice sector of the Lower Mekong Basin, with a view to identifying prospects and policy issues for the coming decade. The research was led by the University of Queensland and supported by the Australian Government through ACIAR.

The book is published by Palgrave MacMillan and available in hardcopy, eBook and online. Open access publication was funded by ACIAR.

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