Collect, access and use of agricultural statistics in the Pacific Islands

Date released
23 January 2003
Publication Code

Peter Walton


Informal discussions among SPC staff, many of whom have considerable experience of working in the Pacific Islands, suggested that there were problems with accessing and using agricultural statistical information in the region. The problems fell into four main areas: capture, content, access and use. The reason for the concern is that access to credible, up-to-date statistical information for the agricultural sector is essential. It supports the development of credible agricultural research, is the basis of effective decision-making at all levels, and can be used to measure impact of agricultural research and development in the region. The extent to which the problems identified are a valid constraint to agricultural research and development in the region is not known. Without understanding of this, solutions cannot be developed. SPC sought to address this knowledge gap by conducting a study to better understand the problem and identify opportunities for improvement. Since this could not be done by SPC in isolation from other institutions and networks within the region and outside, the study addressed this at the same time.