Annual Operational Plan

Annual Operational Plan 2021-22

Date released
16 August 2021
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The Annual Operational Plan sets out the context and objectives of our work program throughout the Indo-Pacific region during the 2021–22 year. It describes how we will continue to build the partnerships, knowledge and capacity required to achieve more productive and sustainable agricultural systems in the Indo-Pacific region.

Our work is framed by the major influences of our operating environment, which have been in play for some time. These include rapid social, economic and political change within partner countries and an increasingly variable and changing climate. However, the most significant shaper and disruptor of our operating environment continues to be the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has amplified vulnerabilities and exposed new risks in food systems at local, national and regional levels. Our work with partner-country and Australian organisations to mitigate future disruptions to food systems across the Indo-Pacific region is ongoing. The ACIAR 10-Year Strategy 2018–2027 continues to provide sound guidance for planning and supporting our research program, so that our work best serves smallholder farmers, fishers and foresters in our partner countries. 

ACIAR-funded research, while primarily helping smallholder farmers and rural communities in our region, also benefits Australian agriculture through new technologies, access to improved crop varieties, protection from pests and diseases, and increased skills and knowledge of Australian researchers.

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