ACIAR 10-Year Strategy 2018-2027

Date released
26 February 2018
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All countries in the Indo-Pacific region are grappling with the complex challenges of how to grow more food and reduce poverty using less land, water and energy.

Since 1982 ACIAR has made a significant contribution to meeting these challenges.

By leveraging international agricultural partnerships, ACIAR seeks to promote more productive and sustainable agricultural systems for the benefit of developing countries and Australia.

Building on its sound track record, ACIAR’s 10-Year Strategy 2018-2027 provides a clear direction for the organisation in to the future and remains closely aligned with the key objectives of the Australian Government’s aid policy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Strategy Review 2022

The Commission for International Agricultural Research has initiated a mid-term review of the ‘ACIAR 10-​Year Strategy 2018 – 2027’.

The review is expected to be finalised and publicly released in late 2022. More information about the review is available at:

Strategy 2nd Edition

The updated strategy sets out high-level, strategic directions and priorities for ACIAR and identifies prospective new areas of research, and refinements in our research management.