Annual Review

ACIAR Annual Review 2018-19

Date released
17 December 2019
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The Annual Review is a new publication featuring highlights and achievements for ACIAR during 2018-19

During 2018-19, ACIAR worked with 490 partner organisations in 35 countries throughout the Indo-Pacific region, to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, fishers and foresters. As Australia's specialist agricultural research-for-development agency, our work continues to reinforce Australia's reputation in the region as a valued and trusted science partner.

This publication presents many examples of ACIAR-brokered projects leading to simple or sophisticated solutions to improve productivity of soils and livestock, increasing efficiency of use of inputs and resources, and enhancing inclusivity of value chain participation. From increased yield and less water use for irrigation farmers in eastern and southern Africa, to better-trained staff and higher seed production rates in oyster production industries in Vietnam, to better returns and worldwide recognition of cocoa growers in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, our work continues to have positive impact. Economic analysis of long-term results show the benefits of ACIAR investment to be 5:1, and this assessment does not account for environmental and social benefits.

Our work aligns closely with Australia's broader development assistance program and contributes to Australia's security and economic interests, which are inter-linked with the countries in our region.