Annual Operational Plan

Annual Operational Plan 2019-20

Date released
31 October 2019
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The Annual Operational Plan (AOP) describes our intended work program throughout the Indo-Pacific region during 2019–20 year. It explains the context and priorities of our program areas, and describes our partnerships and projects ranging from our support and governance role with our largest partner, the CGIAR system and its 15 international research centres, to our brokering and management role of approximately 200 individual bilateral projects.

In line with our 10-year Strategy 2018–2027, we will also develop and foster co-investment partnerships with development donors and the private sector, particularly around issues where our research is ready to be implemented at scale. Co-investment partnerships will complement our well-established traditional bilateral partnerships and our long-term commitment to multilateral international research.

ACIAR-funded research, while primarily helping smallholder farmers and rural communities in developing countries, also continues to deliver benefits to Australian agriculture through new production technologies, access to improved crop varieties, protection from pests and diseases, and increased skills and knowledge of Australian researchers.