Project final report

Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification of Smallholder Farming Systems in Pacific Countries -​ Final Report

Date released
17 March 2022
Publication Code

Tim Reeves, David Ugalde, Dorin Gupta, Gayathri Mekala, Surinder Singh Chauhan, Joeli Veitayaki, Lau Viliamu Iese, John Oakeshott, Ellen Iramu, Rainer Hofmann


This project aimed to undertake a targeted assessment to explore opportunities for the implementation of conservation agriculture and sustainable intensification of smallholder farming systems as a transformational adaptation to climate change in selected countries of the Pacific.

The project addressed core issues such as the urgent need to enhance the productivity, sustainability, and resilience of agri-food systems in Pacific Island countries in the context of climate change. At the same time, it assessed greenhouse gas emissions from the sector and developed practical options for reduction that could result in emissions credits.

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