Project final report

Development and delivery of germplasm for sandalwood and whitewood in Vanuatu and northern Australia - Final report

Date released
16 March 2016
Publication Code

Tony Page and John Doran (Eds)

Co-authors: Hanington Tate, David Dore, Michael Tabi, Mesek Sethy, David Lee, John Huth, Victoria Graham


This project aimed to improve and deploy genetic resources to maximise the potential value of the whitewood and sandalwood industries in Vanuatu.

Similar to Vanuatu, development of an improved form of sandalwood in Cape York (Queensland) affords the opportunity for indigenous communities to offer a high quality niche product to the international marketplace.

Project outcomes

  • Advanced the whitewood genetic improvement program in Vanuatu.
  • Advanced the Vanuatu sandalwood genetic improvement program.
  • Established the basic elements of a sandalwood genetic improvement program in northern Queensland.