Project final report

Facilitating livelihood adaptation to natural resource pressures in Lao PDR - Final report

Date released
24 August 2016
Publication Code

Yayoi Fujita Lagerqvist and Jessica Hall (Eds)

Co-authors: Michael Dibley, Silinthone Sacklokham, Sithong Thongmanivong, Khamla Phanvilay, Sengchanh Kounnavong, Somphou Sayasone, Philip Hirsch


This project explored ways in which smallholder households can improve their livelihoods by facilitating a social learning process whereby stakeholders at multiple levels jointly develop livelihood adaptation strategies that could be offered for piloting at the project site.

The research responded to an urgent need for more informed discussion and better coordination among stakeholders in Nam Ngum River Basin to optimise potentials in agriculture, fisheries, and other livelihood adaptation opportunities, including nonagricultural pursuits (Boulapha and Lyle 2011). This project also complemented existing efforts by international donors and others to confront the deep fragmentation in the way resources and socio-economic priorities are managed (e.g. food security and energy production are considered in isolation from one another) by generating knowledge of livelihood adaptation experiences, potentials and constraints.