Project final report

Improving technologies for inland aquaculture in PNG - Final Report

Date released
01 August 2022
Publication Code

A/Professor Jesmond Sammut and Mr Jacob Wani


Joshua Noiney, Havini Vira, Dr Debashish Mazumder, Micah Aranka, Joe Alois, A/Professor Suhelen Egan, K. Hiruy, Shanice Tong, Matthew Nicholl, Billy Kerowa, Sister Pauline Kagl


This project aimed to increase the production of tilapia and carp using low-cost and farmer-friendly technologies to improve food and income security for smallholders. 

Approximately 80% of people in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are unemployed, with most living in rural areas where access to animal-based protein is limited. Small-scale chicken and pig farming does not meet protein needs, with high feed costs a constraint. In addition, most households lack refrigeration, and fresh meat and tinned meat and fish are prohibitively expensive. 

The pond-based production of genetically improved farmed tilapia and European carp is rapidly expanding in PNG’s rural areas. However, production levels are hampered by an inadequate supply of quality fingerlings, poor broodstock management practices, the cost and availability of formulated fish feed and fertilisers, and a widespread lack of knowledge about fish husbandry and pond management.

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