Project final report

Improving seaweed production and processing opportunities in Indonesia - Final Report

Date released
27 November 2023
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Nick Paul, Michael Rimmer, Silva Larson, Libby Swanepoel, Heri Purnomo, Petrus Rani Pong Masak, Lideman, Mardiana Fachry, Imran Lapong


This project analysed value chains to identify constraints and knowledge gaps for seaweed production in Indonesia; to improve the quality of seaweeds produced at the farm level; and to create innovative products from seaweeds and their processed waste streams.

Seaweed farming is a growing form of aquaculture in Indonesia, characterised by significant engagement of smallholders over a wide geographical area. It is of particular relevance to rural coastal communities with limited alternative livelihood options. Seaweed farming is not technically, financially or labour-demanding, and the production cycles are short, providing regular income to the farmers.

The project set out to provide technical support to improve production and processing opportunities for seaweed in Indonesia and it delivered timely work that contributes to the government’s goal to see more processing undertaken domestically.

The benefits obtained are not only financial but personal and social benefits also accrue to seaweed farming households and communities.

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