Project final report

Developing improved crop protection options in support of intensification of sweetpotato production in Papua New Guinea - Final Report

Date released
28 July 2022
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Geoff Gurr, Jian Liu, Richard Culas, Bree Wilson, Gavin Ash, Birte Komolong, Robert Geno, Wilfred Wau, John Lark, Melanie Pitiki, Ronnie Dotaona, Gwendolyn Ban


This project developed, tested and promoted the adoption of sustainable solutions to protect sweetpotato crop production in Papua New Guinea.

The project addresses growers' need for plant protection interventions, providing a comprehensive toolbox of proven economic benefits, training, and outreach while leaving a legacy of communication materials for further adoption. It has developed enhanced crop protection strategies for enhancing sweetpotato production in Papua New Guinea, analysed their effectiveness, and disseminated these options to end users.

Key results from this work

  • Evaluated the impact of soil management interventions on the incidence of pests and diseases, including plant-parasitic nematodes.
  • Developed and evaluated the effectiveness of novel pest management options.
  • Evaluated and promoted the adoption of ‘best-bet’ combinations of integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) options including sanitation/area-wide management in a semi-commercial setting.
  • Evaluated the social and economic impacts of promising IPDM combinations.
  • Built capacity of individuals and organisations in PNG to conduct IPDM research.

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